Rhino 6 Grainy Renderings

Hey my renders are coming out very noisey, I was wonder if there is a setting to make it less grainy and I do have it on Final render mode.
Rendered Viewport

Rendered in window.

Hello - does turning off the skylight (Lights panel) make any difference to the graininess?


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I added a directional light which helped a bit but I’m wondering why the qualities in the viewport in render mode looks different than if you were to press render.

Hello - can you post images without the transparency?


FYI, if you are using Raytraced in the viewport, and use _Render command to render, then you’ll have a different engine doing the render - they will not match. And that is true actually also for Rendered mode and _Render. There will be differences.

Ok, thank you makes sense now why I get different images. Which is the best quality would you say for workflow, Rendered mode and using the view capture? or using _Render?

It really depends on what you like best as rendered result. If you are happy with Rendered mode you can use view capture commands, same for Raytraced. If you on the other hand like Rhino Render results best you should use _Render.
For Raytraced there is essentially a render plug-in available, but I am a bit torn between publishing a plug-in for download, or directing users to a test command - it would allow using the same render engine of Raytraced with the _Render command.

Please help me with this issue. i am getting very high pixelated renders.It is as if vray is not reading my geometry.

Your geometry is very far from origin. Move much closer to origin and V-Ray will be happier.

Thankyou so much for the suggestion.It totally worked

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