Rhino 6 freezes my entire computer usually within 3 minutes of opening

Rhino 6 started to freeze whenever I use it. I am using super small file-of only lines, and still it freezes. It started yesterday, previously when I used it it did not freeze. Now I cannot use it at all, and have to re-start my computer when it freezes. Help because I cannot use rhino at all right now.

Can you check your Windows Update history and see what updates have been installed between Rhino working and it starting to freeze?

And confirm whether any Rhino updates were applied in the same period. Or plugins.

Finally, did you install or uninstall any other software?


I did a factory re set on my computer last night and re downloaded rhino to see if that would solve the problem and it did not. I downloaded rhino 5 and am not having the same issues, so it’s something with how rhino 6 is interacting with my computer. What information can i give from my computer to try to recognize what this problem is?

When you say factory reset, do you mean that you effectively wiped your hard drive and installed an image that included an older version of Windows? Has Windows then updated? Please check your Windows Update history to see.

Run the system info command in Rhino6 and post the output here.