Rhino 6 Force, Hit simulation

Hello Everyone,

I’m looking for addon or external program to preform force simulation. Mainly I would like to do
hit simulation. For example:

100kg wrecking ball hits seat core made from ABS. I would like to have results if it will break or not.

I would like to avoid any programs that work as cloud share. I dont want to upload anything to net.
Best solution would be addon for Rhino 6 or Rhino 5. I’m not good in Grasshopper so I would like to avoid it also but if neccessary I will learn it.

Kind regards

Hello again,

Any suggestions please?


So you want to include dynamics, collisions, and volumetric simulation of solids, with fracture, all in a numerically accurate way?
That’s a fairly tall order-
I think something like LS-DYNA comes closest, but it’s probably not trivial to learn how to use it properly, even for an engineer already skilled in this area, and I don’t think it comes cheap.
If you can just consider the force at one instant and treat it as a static problem, then Scan&Solve might be most suitable.
Kangaroo can also give numerically accurate deformations for certain static cases, though currently not for volumetric solids. It also has some collision detection and dynamic simulation, but the dynamic aspect is currently not quantitative. So overall I’m not sure it would be suitable here.

Honestly though, to me this sounds like something to consult an engineer about. It is probably possible to get a pretty good idea of the answer through some manual calculation, and to set up a full and accurate quantitative simulation of this type of problem would require much more than just the right software.

Hello Daniel,

I was searching alot in internet for programs that will suit me and you are right, all of those require alot skills
and high engineer knowlage.
I have tried Scan&Solve and for now it is the best solution for me.
Since all programs like LS-DYNA cost alot I also think it will be better to preform manual test.
Just wanted to know if there is any other solution.
Thank you for your time and help.

Kind regards