Rhino 6 for Mac WIP overwriting all my files

Hi I have been working on my model for 3 months and have upgraded to the latest build yesterday. I exported a few selected items and saved them as a different name but it has overwritten my entire model, its gone. I just opened a backup version and it is now saved as the same file as the exported one. Every file I open is being rewritten! I am losing everything. I have a back-up from a week ago saved to the cloud but its saved as Rhino 6, so i am terrified if I open it in WIP it too will be overwritten. I cannot open it in 5.5. What can I do, please help me. This is a disaster…any way I can recover the files?

What happens if you open one of the files that has been saved Rhino 6, and do a - Safe As - Rhino 5? Will the save as version open in 5.5?

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Hi Stu-

This is of major concern. Can you please run TestFindAllRhinoApps and take a screenshot?


After the file was exported all the geometry from the master file was deleted except for the parts that were just exported. Closing and opening them in 5.5 or 6 makes no difference. The master file is 1.6gb. The new file is 80mb only, each time I open another file it opens it as the exported file but using the original name. It was literally cannibalising every file I opened. There has been 2 updates since. The work I had done over 3-4 days was gone. My bad for not backing up the files more often while using WIP 6. I now export the file 5 times daily with a different name to both my local drive and to iCloud as back-up, saving them as both 5.5 and 6. Slow and painful but foolproof. Even if WIP melts down I have 4 versions to backup from…

I have no clue and defer to @dan

Good luck!

Hi Stu-

Thanks for running that. I’m still scratching my head on this one.

One thing to note is that the Preferences system in Rhino 5.4.1 and all the other older Wenatchee builds (which should not even run anymore and can be deleted) is incompatible with that of Rhino 5.5.1 and Rhino 6. I would not make it practice of running Rhino 5.4.1 and the newer versions in tandem. That said, I don’t think that should have any bearing on this issue (though it may).

After the file was exported all the geometry from the master file was deleted except for the parts that were just exported.

I admit, I’m having trouble following exactly what you are reporting. Are you able to reproduce this issue with a fresh 3dm file and provide very exact steps. I see above you are saying “Exported”. What we want to do is try to reproduce exactly the steps you are taking to see this bug…details often really really matter in these cases.

Thanks in advance,