Rhino 6 for Mac - Strange Glitch When Rotating Viewport

There seems to be a glitch whenever I rotate or zoom for my Evaluation version of Rhino 6 (updated to latest available version). Is there a setting, or checkbox I’m missing here that would remove eye-crossing glitch? Here’s a video clip below to help illustrate what’s happening…

Thanks in advance for your help!

How many monitors are you running?
At what resolution?

Please run the SystemInfo command and post those results.
Hopefully something will pop out.

Generally it looks to me like your system is being asked to do more than it has resources to support.

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Solved! You are correct and my apologies. This had nothing to do with the eval version of Rhino - instead, my OS was simply out of date. I updated to version 10.14.6 and everything is working very smoothly. Thank you for building such an excellent design program / and for your very fast response.