Rhino 6 for Mac: some materials not usable in german UI?


I’ve got a customer call, that opening materials (e.g. “Seidenglänzender Stahl.rmtl”) in the Rhino 6 for Mac (german) gives theses errors:

Is this a bug in the german material library?



Hi @Joachim_Kuntz,

I have found another buggy translated material.


Please can you check all these material translations on Rhino 6 for Mac. On Rhino 6 for Windows these materials are fine in the german translation, as I can see.



About a half hour ago, I got a message from a student with the exact same problem - but in French… material was Béton foncé (dark concrete).

This seems related: Problems with the materials preview - rhino wip 6 for mac

I’m worried there is a new bug here, but I’m not seeing it on my end. As I mention in the above linked topic, we used to have this bug, but we fixed the materials themselves…however, we never automatically overwrite (or delete) the contents of Render Content once they are written.

Please bug me if you are still seeing this after trying the steps in the above linked topic. My guess is that these users tried an earlier version of Rhino 6 for Mac and (buggy) default Render Contents are still hanging around.

Hi @dan,

I was able to move/delete the current material folder and replace all materials with the latest ones, by a Rhino restart, see here:

But I still have buggy materials like ‘Metall/Texturiert/Gusseisen glänzend.rmtl’. Please can you take a look again.



I see this problem and I’ll look into it:

RH-55601 Various default Render Content cannot be loaded or is corrupt

Thanks @Michael_Meyer!

@Michael_Meyer Interestingly enough, I’m not experiencing the above bug in the latest Release Candidate for SR 20. Can you please test there and verify whether it is broken or not? Oddly enough, some of the materials work in 6.20, but not others. I am still experiencing this bug with:

Grund: File Not Found
The file was not found /Users/dan/Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/6.0/Render Content/Metall/Seidenglänzend/Seidenglänzender Stahl.rmtl

Hi @dan,

yes, I’ve installed SR20 now from today (here my SystemInformation.txt (2.7 KB) ) and reinstalled all materials. Sorry, still buggy.



Yes, I’m seeing that too, but not with the same rmtl files. Very odd. We’ll investigate further.

RH-55601 Rendering Materials: Various default Render Content cannot be loaded or is corrupt

should be fixed in the latest Release Candidate for 6.21. On a “fresh” installation of Rhino 6 for Mac 6.21 or later, this should just work.


If you have already installed Rhino 6 for Mac and are experiencing this bug, there is more work to do.

When Rhino for Mac first launches, we copy the default Render Content to:

/Users/~/Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/[version]/Render Content

Once default Render Content is written, we never overwrite them. This is because we don’t know if they have been modified or not and we don’t want to overwrite customizations that are in place. However, if the offending file itself is deleted, 6.21 will replace it with a corrected version of the file that should work.

So, if you have customized your Render Contents, we urge you to selectively delete those offending rmtl files that were causing the problems. Once 6.21 starts, it will fix those materials.

If you have NOT customized your Render Content, it is safe to delete the entire Render Contents folder located here:

/Users/~/Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/[version]/Render Content

Once you restart Rhino 6 for Mac 6.21, this bug should be fixed.

Please let me know if you have questions. We appreciate your help reporting it and tracking it down.

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