Rhino 6 for Mac evaluation

I downloaded Rhino 6 for evaluation. My collegue have earlier used his license on my computer and now I try to use rhino 6 for mac evaluation instead but i got my collegues license up when i download the program how can I change that?

Do you and your colleague have different user logins on the computer in question? I’m not sure if you can use an eval license a second time under the same computer user login… If you and your colleague are different users on the same computer, I guess it should be possible… @John_Brock

Uninstalling Rhino completely and re-installing it should also do the trick. It has to be entirely removed, meaning not only the app from your Applications folder, but also all auxiliary files stored inside the Library folder.
Especially check Application Support, Caches, Logs, and Preferences folders.
You might also need to delete files from /var/folders/.../C/....

To change the license, start Rhino, go into the Rhinoceros pull-down menu > Preferences > Licenses tool
Click on the “Change my license” or however it’s worded.
Enter your new key.

This link has a Wizard to help you choose the best licensing method for your situation.
geometry object, the layer, material, and line pattern it references will always be automatically imported.

Any luck?