Rhino 6 Fixing naked edges

I have this model which is very simple and meant to be faceted, i’ve tried all the repair options and nothing works to make this one solid mesh. i’ve almost spent more time trying to fix it than i did making it.

-All the edges are naked - mesh model >left surface model >right

-union command deletes nearly all the surfaces, but as you can see it’s random on the mesh and surface

All I need is this to be solid, if anyone can help.
what did i do wrong in this creation to have this issue, it was laid out using curves then surface made / control points to move them out and create the facets.
file is here:

Hi @rspkm
When working with individual faces - be it mesh or NURBS - the command you are looking for is Join, not the boolean operations. In this file though, you have an almost duplicate face that is messing up the whole thing - see the attached screen shot. If you delete that face in both the mesh and NURBS version, you should be able to join them both. And run UnifyMeshNormals on the mesh version to have all the mesh faces pointing outwards after joining.

HTH, Jakob

thanks jacob, i had this geometry joined before but when i was adding product branding by boolean diff i was getting odd results, basically that’s why I thought I needed to union it all.

not sure where the duplicated faces came from… maybe during this process i made a mistake… again…