Rhino 6 Evaluation should merge, import as GDL from AC 24?

From Rhino 6.27, which I am running on an Evaluation license, I am not being able to merge 3DMs, or bring them in as GDL, into AC 24. The Grasshopper-Archicad connection does work.

I get a
“The selected 3DM file could not be imported.
Unable to successfully process the file, try checking with the original author.”

With 5.5.4, for which I got a full license, Merge and import as GDL work fine. Is it that 6 Evaluation does not merge or import?

Hi -

It’s not clear to me from your message if this used to work differently in Rhino 6.26 or if this is the first time that you test this from Rhino 6.

Rhino 6 uses a different file format than Rhino 5 and it is quite possible that the receiving application isn’t updated to read Rhino 6 files. If that is the case, you should contact the makers of that application.
As a work-around you could save in the Rhino 5 format from Rhino 6.