Rhino 6 erroneous annotation renaming

Yesterday I created an annotation style named: “ISOCPEUR [ 5 : 1 ]”.

As I open my file today the style has been renamed to " 1 ]".

Can you reproduce this in Rhino 6? Rhino 5 seems fine with the naming.

I thought if perhaps it’s due to the colon, but I have other (older) styles in the file when it used to be Rh5 with a colon that seem fine. It’s only these newly created ones that have the problem. Could it be due to the brackets …?


Hi Duncan - I see this- thanks, I do not know the reason but brackets seems like a likely culprit. I’ll put it on the pile.
Hm. If I add an underscore inside the brackets it all works so far:
ISOCPEUR [ 5 :_1 ]

dash works…

ISOCPEUR [ 5-1 ]

@DuncanW - it seems to be the spaces… this works here:

ISOCPEUR [ 5:1 ]

Specifically, the space-colon-space combo, is how it looks…



Thank you Pascal.

Hoping for a soon fix.