Rhino 6 entries in All Programs>Rhino 7

Just a heads-up in case it matters…

It always matters :slight_smile:. Just to double check before I log this, what version of Rhino 7 do you have installed?

Well from my other post this morning, I had the latest 7.1 RC installed… Now have uninstalled that and am back to running the release version 7.0.20314.03001

Hi Mitch -
I used to see that as well but that was fixed at some point. I’m running 7.1 and see this:

Same here.

@Helvetosaur, once you’re able to get back to using the 7.1 RC, can you report back if those Rhino 6 shortcuts are still there?

Will do. I’m on Win 8.1 here, but I also see this on my Win 10 machine.