Rhino 6 documentation bugs



There are flaws in description of SelectionFilter sub-objects. SelectionFilter documentation is here: https://docs.mcneel.com/rhino/6/help/en-us/commands/selection_commands.htm#SelectionFilter

Documentation says:
Selection Filter options
Allows sub-object selection.

As a matter of fact, this filter checkbox is not necessary to select sub-objects, because sub-objects can be selected by holding down Ctrl+Shift keys. The checkbox makes it unnecessary to hold down Ctrl+Shift keys. If the keys are held down, the sub-object selection is disabled.

Documentation says:
Restricts selection to polysurface objects.

It should say: Restricts selection to polysurface objects, and with sub-object selection checked, polysurface faces.

The SelectionFilter command is at the bottom of the Selection Filter chapter. I would move it to the top of the chapter.

Separate topic: CurvePiping, Thickness, EdgeSoftening, Shutlining, and Displacement are mesh modifiers, but they are not clearly defined as mesh modifiers.

Another topic: ApplyCrv documentation is here: https://docs.mcneel.com/rhino/6/help/en-us/commands/createuvcrv.htm

It says: You must then also map the u and v curves along with the curves you are applying so they will act as a placeholder.

What does it mean?

The next sentence says: Use the CreateUVCrv command to generate planar versions of the u and v trim curves of a surface so you can use them as a guide to orient your text.

Speaking in plain English, the u and v trim curves make up rectangular boundary of the NURBS surface.

It says:
1. Select objects on world xy plane to apply to a surface.

More info should be provided about these objects. One of them is (generally rectangular) NURBS boundary. The rest are planar curves inside the boundary.

(Kelvin Cheng) #113

I’ll check, thanks.

(Kelvin Cheng) #114

There may be some issues with the sub-objects option. Reported as RH-48173. I’ll check again when the issues are made clear.


Which topic are you talking about?

You should be talking about http://docs.mcneel.com/rhino/6/help/en-us/commands/applycrv.htm
I basically rewrote this topic. Does it work better?


Looks good to me. You say: “Draw some curves in the UV rectangle.
Maybe “Draw some curves inside the UV rectangle.” would be better? I know that I am picky and I hope that you don’t mind it.


This is suggestion rather than bug. Each mesh modifier (CurvePiping, Thickness, EdgeSoftening, Shutlining, and Displacement) has its own documentation file. For example, CurvePiping documentation file is here: https://docs.mcneel.com/rhino/6/help/en-us/properties/curvepiping.htm
This documentation seems to be fine except that it does not explain that the CurvePiping is a mesh modifier. I am suggesting that somewhere at the top of the documentation file (maybe in its title) there should be words explaining that the CurvePiping is a mesh modifier. (The same words about mesh modifier would be useful in the other files: Thickness, EdgeSoftening, Shutlining, and Displacement)

(Kelvin Cheng) #116

I changed it, thanks.

I added “- Render mesh modifier” to their headings. Thanks.


Rhino Options window is shown in the following screenshot:

The window has two chapters called Document Properties and Rhino Options.

Rhino Options documentation file is posted here:
It does not mention Document Properties chapter. It lists almost all Rhino Options except Advanced and Cycles. It mentions Rhino Render Options which are not listed in the Rhino Options window. It also mentions Toolbars Options which are listed in the Rhino Options window as Toolbars.

Rhino Advanced Options documentation file is posted here: https://docs.mcneel.com/rhino/6/help/en-us/options/advanced.htm
It says: The Advanced options manage Rhino Options.

No further information is provided about the Advanced Options. There are about 600 Advanced Options, so it is easy to understand why this part of Rhino documentation was on the back burner. This is Rhino 6.8, so it is high time to move it to the front burner. Kelvin needs help. Help! Help! Help! :tired_face:

(Kelvin Cheng) #118

I’ll check.

If I complete 30 options per day, I will need 20 days to finish. I have other things to do. It’s on my list. I won’t forget.



It is still at the bottom.

(Kelvin Cheng) #121

Maybe I misunderstood. I moved the filter options to the top of the Selection Filter “sub-topic” which is part of the Selection_commands topic. Selection Filter does not have it’s own topic.



I am confused… I was thinking about moving up the following paragraph:


Toolbar Menu Status bar


Selection Filter|Filter|

The SelectionFilter command opens the Selection Filter control.

(Kelvin Cheng) #123

OK, it’s been moved. Thanks.

(Kelvin Cheng) #124

These are the changes.

When enabled

  • Click selects a sub-object.
  • Ctrl + Shift + click selects an object.
  • Points, Curves and Surfaces checkboxes change to Points/Vertices, Curves/Edges and Surfaces/Faces. These make it possible to, for example, select vertices, edges, and faces of a polysurface when the Polysurface checkbox is unchecked.

Points (Points/Vertices)
Restricts the selection to point objects, and with the Sub-objects checked, polysurface/mesh vertices.
Curves (Curves/Edges)
Restricts the selection to curve objects, and with the Sub-objects checked, sub-curves and polysurface/mesh edges.
Surfaces (Surfaces/Faces)
Restricts selection to surface objects, and with the Sub-objects checked, polysurface/mesh faces.


Status bar is displayed at the bottom of the Rhino window. The bar is made of many panes. Filter pane is one of them. Clicking the Filter pane toggles Selection Filter control window on and off. The Filter pane has unique behavior - if all the checkboxes are checked, the Filter pane is never highlighted, no matter how many times you click the pane. I believe that this behavior is intentional - if some checkboxes are not checked, the Filter makes impossible to select some objects. This behavior is somewhat inconsistent because sub-object checkbox cannot highlight the Filter pane. We can argue whether the sub-object checkbox should highlight the Filter pane or not, but it would be good idea to explain this behavior in the Selection Filter documentation.

(Kelvin Cheng) #126

Document Properties is mentioned in the See Also section at the bottom. I didn’t add the page list of the document properties.
File > Properties opens the same dialog. Only the title is different from the Rhino Options dialog.

Added Advanced and Cycles.

What’s your current renderer?
This happens when the current renderer is not Rhino Render, or the Rhino Render plug-in is disabled in Options > Plug-ins.



(Kelvin Cheng) #127

Yes, checking all is equal to disable.

This is correct because Sub-objects does not work on its own. I’ll add…

  • Sub-objects only works when Point/Vertices, Curves/Edges or Surface/Faces is checked.


Yes, I missed it because it is easy to miss.

There is no difference between the Options command and the DocumentProperties command:

The Options command manages both Document Properties and Rhino Options, but Options command documentation says: The Options command manages Rhino global options.

DocumentProperties command manages both Document Properties and Rhino Options, but DocumentProperties command documentation says: The DocumentProperties command opens the Document Properties dialog box to manage the settings for the current model.

I suggest that you eliminate the DocumentProperties command. (I like simplicity and I believe that Rhino already has too many commands to remember. I would rather add new options to existing commands than make new “Tweedledum and Tweedledee commands”.)

Yes, it does. It manages both Document Properties and Rhino Options.

(I wonder how many people besides you and me believe that documentation is important.):roll_eyes:


I would mention it in documentation as well, so that everyone knows that this is not a bug.

(Kelvin Cheng) #130

The dialogs of DocumentProperties and Options are the same, but the command-line options of their scriptable commands (-DocumentProperties and -Options) are different.

There must be some reasons in the Rhino development history that made the developers decide to list document properties and options in the same dialog.

I googled it. These are the Document Properties and Options dialogs in Rhino 2.

I don’t know, but thanks for pointing it out.

(Chris Kuether ) #131

Documentation IS important. It is the ‘owner’s manual’ :8ball:

(Kelvin Cheng) #132


Added, thanks.