Rhino 6 documentation bugs


(Kelvin Cheng) #63

I’ll improve it, thanks.

(Kelvin Cheng) #64


RH-46693 ScalePositions: Scale factor calculation is wrong
This bug is fixed.

I updated the help topic with a video clip.

Does it help?


Your video clip is useful, but additional info is needed to explain difference between picking two reference points, and typing scale factor. For example, when I use 1D scaling and two reference points, the objects are scaled along the line defined by the reference points. When I use 1D scaling and scale factor, the objects are scaled in direction which seems arbitrary.

(Kelvin Cheng) #67

This is because when a scale factor is entered, the command prompts for picking a point to define the scale direction. In 1D mode, the object turns around when you’re moving the cursor before a point is picked.

I added a note about that and another large video clip for 1D, 2D and 3D modes.


I still do not understand how to estimate scaling direction in 1D mode when I type scale factor.

You have written in documentation: “If a scale factor is entered, the command prompts for picking a point to define the scaling direction.”

No, it does not. It only prompts for the origin.

Another problem is a bug which ignores typed scale factor in every mode - the actual scale is always smaller than 1, no matter what scale I type. (I use Rhino 6.6.)

(Kelvin Cheng) #69

Yup, I noticed the problem. Because I use a non-standard size keyboard, I guessed it could be a problem with the keyboard. When a scale factor is typed and you press Enter, sometimes the command prompts for picking a point to define the scale direction, most of the time the command just ends. The distance entered is not accepted. It’s late at night in my timezone. I’ll write a bug report tomorrow. Thanks.

(Kelvin Cheng) #70

I figured out the steps to reproduce the problems. There are two problems when a scale factor is typed.

  1. The previously defined scale direction is used and the command doesn’t prompt for scale direction.

  2. The typed scale factor is used to scale object positions, but the scale factor is not remembered for the next run.

RH-47094 is the bug report, thanks.

(Kelvin Cheng) #71


I modified the topic per your suggestions. I added things that were missing, “Sidebar” for instance.




Thanks - this is essential update of Rhino documentation! I did not have time to check details.

(Kelvin Cheng) #74

Thanks for your time. :slightly_smiling_face:


Toolbar menu button (number 7 in the big picture) and options menu button (number 4 in the small picture) are the same buttons, but they have different names. I would call them toolbar menu button, to avoid confusion with the panel options buttons.

Panel options buttons in are not identified in the big picture. I believe that they are worth mentioning. (They are below the panel groups - number 15 in the big picture.)

Button number 5 in the small picture is called close button. It exists in floating toolbar groups only.

replace: 6. Toolbar Contain graphical icons for initiating commands.
with: 6. Toolbar Contains graphical icons for initiating commands.

replace: 8. Sidebar Display the toolbar or toolbar group that is linked with a toolbar.
with: 8. Sidebar Displays the toolbar or toolbar group that is linked with a toolbar.

(jmv) #76

Perhaps i can post here my observation:
on front page : https://www.rhino3d.com/6/new/development
the links to RhinoCommon are false
https://developer.rhino3d.com/api/RhinoCommonWin/... in place of https://developer.rhino3d.com/api/RhinoCommon/...
(for site of sale… :/)

(Kelvin Cheng) #78

@kitjmv, thanks for discovering the problem.

@dan, is this wrong on the Rhino website, or on https://developer.rhino3d.com/ ?

The links on the v6 new development page point to https://developer.rhino3d.com/api/RhinoCommonWin… that doesn’t exist.

(jmv) #79

hello @KelvinC, A more serious mistake

go to http://docs.mcneel.com/

We can see the information of your bucket. AWS help indicates authorization is needed…


(Kelvin Cheng) #80

That’s correct because there’s nothing in the root directory. What are you looking for?

(jmv) #81

me nothing ! my scripts all :slight_smile:
I juste explain here:

(Will Pearson) #82

@KelvinC The correct URL is just https://developer.rhino3d.com/api/RhinoCommon/… since we merged the Windows and Mac API docs for RhinoCommon.

(Dan Belcher) #83

@kitjmv Thanks for finding those broken links and pointing them out!

@KelvinC It’s was problem with the rhino3d.com website, which I just fixed (for all pages and languages).

(Kelvin Cheng) #84

Actually, it should be Toolbar group menu.
I also changed the small picture to use (a)~(g) to reduce confusion.

I added 17. Property pages
Click to display different property pages in the Properties panel.

I don’t want to add a cluster to the description of the small picture. I described this in the (e) Close button on http://docs.mcneel.com/rhino/6/help/en-us/index.htm#user_interface/using_toolbars.htm




In the Rhino window page: https://docs.mcneel.com/rhino/6/help/en-us/user_interface/rhino_window.htm

Replace: 15. Panel groups
with: 15. Panel group tabs

The 17. Property pages are actually tabs looking like buttons or icons. I would call them Property tabs or Object Property tabs.

Everyone loves short names. Can we shorten: 7. Toolbar group menu button
to: 7. Toolbar menu button?

The Panel options page: https://docs.mcneel.com/rhino/6/help/en-us/user_interface/panel_options.htm
needs an update. Its Panel group tabs picture: https://docs.mcneel.com/rhino/6/help/en-us/image/topic_illustrations/tabbedpanel-001.png
was taken from Rhino 5. Rhino 6 has different Panel group tabs.
The Options icon is now called Panel menu button.