Rhino 6 Cycles: 8 Bit?

Hi @nathanletwory,

this customers asks why cycles produces these hard gradients? He is asking if this is a 8 Bit color depth issue?



That is the result of conversion from render buffer to half-float. Very light gradients can cause this effect. Rendering to HDR would be a solution, but unfortunately that isn’t possible yet.

At some point I’ll work on blitting the full float result Cycles already creates as such directly to the viewport.

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Hi Nathan,

thank you for the details.



Had noticed this as well but always thought I’m doing something wrong.

Sounds like it is not that hard to fix. Hope it will be done sooner than later, because it is a serious issue. It makes the renderings look like cheap gifs:


Is it logged as bug jet?

You already can get around it by using rhino-render-next which you can install using _TestPackageManager.


Oh, thanks, this new package manager with GUI is great!
Wasn’t aware the standalone cycles is available again.
Drawback is that this way the GPU utilization is still a problem, but I prefer to wait longer and therefore get the correct result.

With 6.6 GPU utilization should be very good, apart from first ten passes. Then every 20th pass the render window is updated. Other than that utilization should be equal to, if not better than viewport.


great news, looking forward to 6.6


Can I suggest that you unify the names so users understand what settings relate to what part?

Right now we have “Raytraced” display and “Rhino-Render-Next” and then we have “Cycles” settings to control them, and it doesn’t appear that they are related in any ways.

So I suggest renaming it to “Rhino-Cycles-Render” and then rename “Raytraced” to “CyclesRender” and leave the cycles settings as they are. Or use a similar coherent approach.

Looking forward to testing the next integration though!! Well done!

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the name “Cycles” should not be dropped I think, would cause unnecessary confusion if dropped.

In v7 it will become… tadaa… Rhino Render.

Sure, for that we need to make things a bit more sane. I assume the all Cycles settings will move to Rhino Render settings, etc.

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I thought the Rhino render would be kept for V7?
The current non cycles one…
Now I’m confused…

No, it’ll go. Right now the old Rhino Render still.exists, but that is just because I am still cleaning up my booboos in v6 (:

Got it thanks.

Hi Nathan,

now we have V7.9 and I still can’t see any progress here. Gradients are still very shattered, especially in dark areas. Is there any possibility to boost the settings to get an even gradient?



There has been no improvements in this area.Cycles gives out data as floats, but the viewport is still not floats.

Many thank’s for your fast reply Nathan. Is there any chance that we also get floats in the viewport?

Have a great week.

I don’t know when it is going to happen, sorry.

If you need better quality then you can use Rhino Render - this is essentially Raytraced in production render mode. The render window does support higher precision, and will show your gradients generally better.

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Hi @nathanletwory, more than 5 years have passed since the first post here. Rhino 8 is out. I had high hopes that something had finally happened with the gradients in the render viewport, but unfortunately nothing has changed. When will our wait finally be rewarded?