Rhino 6 crashing on startup so much I am not using it really

The computer was completely disconnected from the docking station and over company wifi when I posted the system info. I do not think it is a Rhino issue that it is not receiving any support from the dedicated graphic cards because that issue happens in my computer in other moments/with other softwares. Although definitely something happened that it started to crash at opening.

Hi Natasha,

It’s not a Rhino issue, you are correct… It’s configuration problem on your end. I believe the problem is that you have the wrong display device configured as the “Main Display” in Windows.

If you right-click on the desktop and select “Display Settings”, what do you see? Also, what is the “Citrix display adapter” doing on your system? That might be the main cause here…

Until the main display issue is sorted out, there’s nothing Rhino can really do… Once it has been sorted out, then Rhino should be using the NVidia GPU over the Intel…again, if things are configured correctly on your end.