Rhino 6 crashes when I try to open Grasshopper

When I load Rhino 6 I would sometimes get the popups below when I click on the GH button and the “solution” was to close Rhino, and open it up again. I can open up Rhino files just fine. Last week I had to repeat the process several times before it succeeded and today, Rhino just crashes completely. The Error popup won’t go away no matter what I click.

Hello - it looks like the problem is with MOr Tools - have you got their latest?


Thanks Pascal. Of course, I have no idea why I downloaded it to begin with and would probably be better off if I got rid of it completely. All I see in my GH Users library is an Mor Grasshopper Plugin Link. Any idea of how to delete everything?

Hi -

That might depend on the way that you installed it. It appears that it has an installer. Did you look for it in the list of installed programs in the Windows Control Panel? Apart from that, the page that Pascal pointed to lists *.dll and *.gha files that get installed.

I had looked in Control Panel and did not see “MorTools”, but on your suggestion I went back, and found it under the creator’s name. Works now. Thanks Wim.