Rhino 6: color picking white grabs wrong white

Hi team,

when I want to change the white base color of a material, the color picker jumps always to the middle of the color list, to a second white. Then I have always to scroll up to the base colors.

I would expect, it jumps to the first white in the list.



The white of the default material isn’t a full-white. That is because in real-life there isn’t such a color (nor is there a complete black).

This is a deliberate, not a bug.

edit: for rendering you should always try to avoid using any channel being either 255 or 0 - you should always aim for something below 255 or above 0. It’ll make your renderer software happier.

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Hi Nathan,

you are right.

Then I would like that you just suppress this jump to this light-gray. In the end I would like to start with the top base colors in the list, and not always scroll up. Please take a look at Rhino 5, there the list starts always with the base colors.



I have logged your request here:


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You might consider adding the color you want to the Rhino colors.txt file, this help topic discusses how to modify the file. I noticed there is a bug in the documentation, the actual file name is “colors.txt” not “colors_languagecode.txt”