Rhino 6 can't see objects

Hi all,

basically when i open Rhino 6 SR 13. I am unable to see the contents from my script. I have to remake the script in a new rhino to be able to see it. its very odd. if i copy the script into a new rhino, it still doesnt work.

Wondering if anyone was able to download the script and try it? and maybe give some suggestions into how to fix it please?


potato calvin 2.gh (40.0 KB)

even when i bake the info from GH to rhino, i am unable to zoom to the contents, even though I can select it. Strange

The bits and pieces I could see are very tiny, hard to see.

After baking use SelLast and then zoom to selected (ZS).

hi, thanks for your reply.

but when you go into plan view, you’re able to edit the file nor can you see it? its a strange issue.

you think its scale?


interesting i have found an issue with the C curve, curve 0 seems to be an issue in the script, which in turn is making rhino freak out, very strange… any clues?