Rhino 6 bug - OneView label disappears

I have turned OneView mode on and set OneView Angle to 44. When I launch Rhino, there is no label in the top-right corner. When I run OneView command and do not change any of its options, the label appears in the top-right corner. When I save the drawing, exit Rhino, and launch it again, the label disappears again.

The same bug is in Rhino 6.3.

The same bug is in Rhino 6.4…

The same bug is in Rhino 6.5.

Sorry about not getting back to this one earlier…

By design, the OneView command is just that - a command. It is not an application setting. If you want to have this on in a modeling session, you will have to run the command. For that reason, I have had this command in my list of start-up commands ever since it came out.

That said, if you ask me, it makes sense to have this as an application setting. I suggest that would come under Rhino Options > Modeling Aids > OneView and would allow access to the various settings at that place.


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