Rhino 6 - all fonts artifacting - [Fixed with display driver update]



@pascal Sorry to use this thread, but it seems you responded quickly to it, and not the message i sent you (maybe you don’t like those) but I have a major prob in Beta. It refuses to save.

Recently it’s worked to Save As v5, and then again as v6, but now it won’t let me save at all sometimes.

Have any ideas how I can fix that? I’d really hate to have to go back to 5, as I’ve really gotten used to using beta (my own fault!)


(Pascal Golay) #23

Hi Alan - private messages are fine - your message pointed to this thread though, so I went here… please start a new one for the saving problem. thanks,



doing it now, thx

(Dan Belcher) #25

RH-43078 should be fixed in the latest BETA. Please give this another try.


seems to be fixed, thanks!

(Baumeister J) #27

I have the same problem with my fonts, they are artefacted and if I want to title an arrow Rhino 6 german version crashes down. Sorry my English. I have the Geforce GTX 860 M.RhinoCrashDump.3dm (49.2 KB)
Systeminformationen.txt (1.7 KB)

(Pascal Golay) #28

Hello - I guess the driver shown in your system info (NVIDIA 384.76) is from last June - you might look for a newer one on the NVidia page and see if that does any good.


(Baumeister J) #29

Thanks for helping me. Now I have the new driver NVIDEA 390.77 from 01/29/2018 and everything is o.k.