Rhino 6 / 7 historical usage view not available

In our organization we have 56 seats set up via the cloud server. Currently a mix of Rhino 6 and 7. We would like to monitor the use in order to know when we need additional licenses, but since a few months the View Historical Use function gives no result. Is this a common problem?

Here it seems to work but I have only 5 licenses… could be a problem due to the big number of licences to display.
Also, could be a problem due to cookies or browser history that need to be purged.
Have you tried to access to Rhino account from a different device?

Hey Jonas, I don’t see any issues with the system on our end. Can you please send me a screenshot or describe in a little more detail what happens when you click “View Historical Usage”? I’d definitely recommend doing as Lucio suggests and trying to access the page from another browser/device.

Thanks for comments! Here is a funny thing. I tried on another device (iPhone), it worked, and suddenly it also worked on my regular browser (Chrome)… Previously I got to message that it failed to load or similar - can´t repeat it now since it works…

Very strange. Thanks for letting me know. If the problem reappears, please get in touch and I’ll investigate!

Thanks, will do!