Rhino 6.5: no printer?



this customer complains here, that he can’t select printers (instead pdf) since the last Rhino 6.5 upgrade:

Any ideas?



(Wim Dekeyser) #2

It sounds a bit like this one:

(Tim Hemmelman) #3

A fix for this is in the works. You can track the progress here.



Hi Wim and Tim,

thank you very much.


P.S. FYI: Tim, the tracking link is not public.

(Wim Dekeyser) #5

Hi Michael,
There is some user data in the YT item and, as such, it is set to be visible to the developers only. When the issue is resolved, Brian will add a post to this thread…


Hi Wim,

I wondered in the past, why some youtrack topics are protected. Now I know.

Thank you very much and have a sunny weekend


(Tim Hemmelman) #7

Hi Michael,

You should be able to see the YouTrack issue now. It was actually an oversight on my part. I had set public view to allowed but had not unchecked the visibility (from developers only).

Wim is right though, when there is a file or something else of proprietary value we limit the visibility in part or whole. In this case it was just an image. There is a link to our internal support channel but you need proper credentials to follow that link so I think it’s ok. I’m sure someone here will give me a good reprimand if they disagree.



Hi Tim,

yes, I see it know, and thank you for all the details.