Rhino 6.4 requires Win 7 Service Pack 2


Just went to update to 6.4.18093 and it states I need Win7 SP2. I’ve been using R6.3 fine, but has something changed between 6.3 and 6.4 that requires something from SP2?


Probably the Microsoft Visual Studio runtimes need updating… --Mitch


sometimes e.g. TextObject doesn’t work in Windows 7 SP 1, see here:

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Ah, OK, that’s probably why they are forcing an update with SR4…

Yeah, looks like it was a Security Update (KB4088875) which had failed to installed properly a couple of weeks ago for whatever reason. I didn’t need to update to SP2 in the end thankfully.

Windows 7 SP2 is required in Rhino 6.4 because it includes support for certain types of fonts that aren’t supported in SP1. Specifically, updated support for “simulated font support” to enable italic and bold of fonts like “City Blueprint” and also support for newer fonts like “Bahnschrift” also don’t work in SP1 and older versions of Windows 7.

See Rhino 6 on Windows 7 SP1?

I have a fully updated Win7 64 (except some optional KB’s like: Update changes the game rating systems in Windows 7, and Telemetry “updates”)
And I can’t run the 6.4 installer.
As to my knowledge there IS NO SP2 period. as you will never see anything else than SP1 in windows properties.

Now why don’t you tell us exactly what KB or whatever updates you are fishing after.
As you will never see SP2 in windows 7 it is pretty hard to know what the requirements are.

There is a Convenience Update from june? 2017 that is referred to as could have been a sp2.
A 477MB nearly a year old rollup. Hardly something you try on a fully updated and functional system.


All I needed to update was this one to install 6.4:

I haven’t tried to use the fonts listed by Brian above.

Reason why you have to reinstall the KB: Microsoft stops pushing buggy Windows 7 patch KB 4088875

Microsoft no longer installs the Windows 7 March Monthly Rollup automatically, but KB 4088875 is still available in the Update Catalog.

Well aren’t you happy that you got it in time.
I hope this patch isn’t what is required to run rhino 6.4.

Hi @e_157 and @brian.
I have the same issue where the 6.4 installer will not run, and requests Win 7 64 SP2.

After the text dilemmas with 6.3 and following the guidance on Text tool for Rhino 6 not working, various KB-updates were downloaded and installed along with the “SP2” Convenience Update (hoping to ensure all bases were covered) though Win Update tells me there are no new updates / everything is up to date,
The 6.3 text and crash issues were corrected and all appears to be as expected.

Now we have 6.4 which won’t install.
With this installer dialogue (as above) that requests us to ‘run Windows Update’, we end up going around in circles and do not know what KB update we are really looking for.
The SP2 which I downloaded and executed was an MSU file.
I can not find evidence that Windows Updater actually recognized SP2 as a valid update.

It would be nice to find a solution here as 6.3 ended up being okay for what I have done with it so far, after the initial issues.

Thanks - the next SR candidate for 6.4 will have a different set of requirements, but should install without the non-existant Windows 7 SR2.

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Greatly appreciated.Brian.

Thanks Brian. :slight_smile:

So next question is then, should I uninstall the buggy windows update??

Latest windows 7 rollup 2018-04 KB4093118 and rhino_en-us_6.4.18100.01591 works for me.

That combination of “windows 7 rollup 2018-04 KB4093118 and rhino_en-us_6.4.18100.01591” did not work for my system.
There are some oddities somewhere!

Rhino 6 SR4 Release Candidate 3 (6.4.18107) is ALL good.
Thankyou @brian

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Yup! Uninstalled the buggy windows update, installed latest RC (6.4.18107) and all is good! :smiley:

The update also must have been playing havoc with my new mouse (Logitech MX Master 2S) because this now works properly within Rhino as well!

Big thanks to the McNeel guys! @brian

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