Rhino 6.2 is buggy

I have just installed Rhino en-us_6.2.18065.11031 and tested about one dozen bugs that were present in Rhino 6.1. None of the bugs have been fixed. I could not install Flamingo 5.5 in Rhino 6.1 and I cannot install it in Rhino 6.2.

Now I am really worried…

Did you report the bugs?
Were YouTrack bug items in the replies to your reports?

Assuming you did and you have, we are prioritizing them and working on them in that order. We are in a one month SR release cycle to churn through them.
I do not have an estimate on how many months it will take.

Yes. Nobody reports more bugs than I do. (I never stop bugging you.:wink:)

About 80% of my bug reports were posted in the YouTrack.

Excellent. Thank you
If you can find any of those links, the Release target is the think to look at.
Now that 6.2 is released, 6.3 is the new release candidate and being tested.
Items that are 6.x are still on the list.

I updated Flamingo 3.0 to Flamingo 5 last night. I can not use Flamingo 5 with Rhino 6.2 either even if I see it on Rhino´s menu. I would really like to use the latest version of Flamingo with Rhino 6.2.

However Flamingo 5 seems to work with Rhino 5.0.

Hope it will not take long to fix it.

Yes, it runs on my computer.