Rhino 5/WIP and Grasshopper Crash

Rhino 5 or WIP and Grasshopper are crashing when I connect parameter from Mesh Closest Point to Mesh Eval parameter

test_bug_v6.gh (129.7 KB)

Is it a bug or not ?

Yup, it’s definitely a bug. Quite a serious one too.
I’ve logged it on YouTrack.


I fixed it, meshes without normal vectors would always crash. However I’m somewhat surprised the mesh lacks normals to begin with… the mystery deepens.

Thanks for the fix, I will test that on next WIP.
I don’t understand, I see normals on the mesh I gave. This mesh is generated with the component “import Image” All normals are -z vector.

Some components will generate normals if they don’t exist yet, but the Mesh Eval component is not amongst them. The mesh itself has no normal vectors.

Ok so deconstruct mesh generate normals