Rhino 5 Win 32bit vs 64bit display issue on Macbook Pro Retina

Could someone tell me why my Rhino 5 32bit displays differently to 64bit version please?

I would like to use 64bit version but all icons and text look too small and objects drawn such as points are way too small to work normally. Could you suggest how I could have the same display on both versions?

hrdware used: Macbook Pro (Mid 2014), Windows 10 on bootcamp

Interesting, I can see the same thing with similar hardware and Win 7. The 32-bit version does look better but I think it is only because it doesn’t recognize Retina resolution - it is about 2x lower. Not sure why.
I’m afraid there is nothing you can do for 64-bit apart from working on display modes to get your curves, edges and points larger. It will be improved in v6 and looks already better in Rhino WIP.

@stevebaer could tell more.

I can only guess at what is going on. Rhino 5 32 bit is compiled with an older version of Visual Studio. Windows may be running some heuristics on the application and based on the fact that it is 32 bit and compiled with an older compiler it may be going into some sort of “compatibility” mode. The sad thing is that the compatibility mode actually looks better.

If you right click on Rhino’s start icon and go to properties, there should be a compatibility tab. You may want to experiment with that to see if you get any better results.

With a System Registry key addition and copying a manifest file to the folder where 64-bit Rhino V5 lives, you can fix the small icon problem on high resolution monitors.

The details are in this new FAQ support document:

This also fixes the same issue for Grasshopper in 64-bit V5