Rhino 5 validation version

Hi there, I had some issue about rhino 6.
A friend of mine ask me about rhino, I suggest her to download the validation version for training process, to understand if rain can be her major 3d software.
She has a MacBook Pro but she cannot update software to the latest version.
So she need a software that can match IOS 10.11.6.
I thougth that the 5-th version was the right one, but she tell me that that version is not able anymore.

How can she di?
Any suggestion about.

Thank you guys.
All best.

The V5 evaluation version for Mac is not available anymore. Even if it was, the problem would be going forward, once the evaluation stops working the person would still have to update their computer if they wanted to continue to use Rhino.

Unfortunately Apple introduces breaking changes in their OS versions much more frequently than Windows, making it hard to support even not-so-old versions…