Rhino 5 (Update not Install) and Windows 10

First post here so bear with me.

New computer build for a buddy of mine with Rhino 5. Win 10 installed and updated just fine. Rhino 5 installed and registered/verified just fine.

Here is the issue, Rhino update will recognize its out of date and begin to download the updated version. After download completes, it should self install when you close Rhino, update failed to install. Had to manually install the update.

To do so, first un-hide your hidden folders in Win 10 (google this), then find the folder where the update downloaded to.

In Win 10 - This PC > C Drive > ProgramData > McNeel > McNeelUpdate > DownloadCache >

From here look for the long numbered/lettered folder > build number folder > rh50Release_x64_xxx_buildnumber.msi

Click on that and it will install the update, then relaunch Rhino 5. It should update from there.

Not sure why its not automatically updating, but that’s the cure.


PS: a couple of years on Rhino, super cool guys, keep up the good work.

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