Rhino 5 Update Can't Find Net 4.0

Hi - I have Rhino 5 running fine. But when I try to install the service update, it says it can’t proceed without Net 4.0. I’ve run the repair tool, the cleanup tool, and reinstalled Net 4.0. My current version of Rhino 5 workss again, but still no ability to install the service update. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi Michelle.

I had the same issue, and went through the routine you describe.
I was installing from a service update that I had downloaded.
When I allowed Rhino to control the update from the options panel, that is that Rhino downloaded the service update and installed it, everything worked perfectly.
I hope this may also be your solution.


That did the trick. Many thanks.

Any idea what this is about?

Hi John.

I had always downloaded the updates / services releases and it has only been the last of the updates (SR8) that has not installed directly from the MSI.