Rhino 5 to KeyShot 6 plugin is missing parts!

Hello everybody.

My software: Rhino 5, KeyShot 6, Windows 8.1, Livelinking 1.0 plugin

I’m using Rhino 5 and the livelinking plugin to KS scene. In Rhino I have my model parts organized in layers to set up different combinations in KS and this works quiet good while the part manager in KS fits the layer manager in Rhino.

The issue comes when I move a sublayer from a layer to another in Rhino. When I update the KS scene, this sublayer/subgroup has dissappeared from the KS part manager.

I think it is a common problem among Rhino livelinking users, so…

1. Has anybody found out something to fix this?
2. Am I doing something wrong or is this a software issue?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Jordi,

I’ve also have this issue and have just googled it finding your post. I think it’s a software problem. The only solution i’ve found so far is to reassign parts to new layers in rhino, which is obviously a pain in the backside.

Anyone any other ideas?