Rhino 5 to 6 transfer of personal preferences possiable?

I’m pretty sure this must have been asked before, but I’m about to install Rhino 6 and was wondering if I can avoid having to redo my preferences, like pop-up toolbars and personal buttons that I made. Can I just use the usual backup from Rhino 5 and transfer to 6? Also will most plugins work in 6, like “ArrayCrvPLUS”? I know that T-Splines won’t work in Rhino 6 . Thank you

Hello - you can save the RUI file from V5 (use a new name) from Options > Toolbar > File menu. You can open this RUI in V6 - there may be some differences here and there in how the commands work, so you may need to further modify your buttons. Save this RUI file from V6 under its own name.

You can use OptionsExport in V5 and OptionsImport in V6 to get most of the other options settings across.


thank you