Rhino 5 SR12 crashing with Rhino for Mac files

I’ve worked last night on a file at home on Rhino for Mac 5.1 and saved it. This morning back at the office I tried to open it on Rhino for Windows SR12 and the file causes Rhino to crash.

Can you post the file that is causing Rhino for Windows to crash? Or if confidential/too big, upload it to McNeel via the support page?


Yes it’s confidential and 8Mb large. Your link to the McNeel support page isn’t working and I can’t find the place to upload the files there.



Sorry, must have mis-pasted - it’s working now. --Mitch

Tim from tech@mcneel.com replied to automatically generated crash
reports I submitted. And it turns out that it is a problem with Vray.

I disabled Vray and the file opened fine. I saved it and turned on vray
and restarted to see if it would open and I got the same crash.

It’s wierd since I’ve been jumping from mac to win with this file for some
time and nothing went wrong so far. The only thing that’s changed is
that I updated Rhino for mac to version 5.1.

Thank you for your help.