Rhino 5 slows down with 4Gb on disk project


(Mario Servino) #1

Hello, my name is Mario and I’m teaching 3D design.
I bougth 3 years ago Rhino 5 Educational and I use it on a HP ENVY M6, CORE I5-3230M 2.60Gz, 12Gb DDR3, SSD 500GB, AMD Radeon HD 7600M Series, OS MS Windows 10.
Until now I was able to draw sample designs medium complexity but one of the last design is quite complex in terms of number of single object and the size on disk is almost 4Gb.
To load this file take 10-15 minutes, without doing commands the program continues to use CPU cicles, response time to any operation/command is huge, the program doesn’t crash and uses 9Gb of RAM.
My doubts are about the number of objects, I was thinking to merge them in single bigger objects but will take more time and complexity to use this technique.
Any suggestion is welcome.

(John Brock) #2

I sounds to me like you’re running out of RAM and paging to disk.

I’d open up Window’s “Resource Monitor” and see what’s happening with your RAM and drive.
My guess is you’re going to either need more computer RAM or be smarter with keeping your models more simple.