Rhino 5 SDK installation problem on Windows 10

@XNurbs - this is in response to your comment on this long thread:

When you install the Rhino 5 C/C++ SDK on Windows 10, are you getting an error message? If so, what does it say?

The SDK seems to install here, on Windows 10, without any problem. But I also have the required versions of Visual Studio installed. Perhaps this is the problem?

– Dale

@dale Did you try to install a new Rhino 5 C/C++ SDK on the latest Windows 10? I think that others, e.g., @foreigner could also confirm that Rhino 5 C/C++ SDK installation does not work on Windows 10. It seems that Rhino 5 SDK installation tries to change Windows 10 register with an error (We run the installation as administrator). The following is the error message.

Hi @XNurbs,

Here is a link to the Rhino 5 SR13 C/C++ SDK:


Download it and see if you have any better luck. Of not, then from an administrive command prompt, run the installer in this manner:

msiexec /i "rh50sdk_5.13.60404.13390.msi" /L*V "rh50sdk_5.13.60404.13390.log"

And send me the log file.


– Dale

Many thanks. It works.