Rhino 5 render information causes huge delays

I had a windows update destroy my computer, but I had my Rhino files backed up. On the new system, I’m suffering mega delays after I move, delete or otherwise touch any surface. I’ve figured out that at least part of the problem is that I had auxpecker installed and I believe Rhino is looking for that information to render everything.

Is there a way to delete the rendering info in a file so Rhino doesn’t spend several minutes looking for the stuff every time I move something? You’d think it would take a computer program milliseconds to look up something and see it’s not there, but Rhino is stubborn and will hang up for minutes. BTW, I tried deleting every surface out of the file, leaving just the curves and that doesn’t fix it. However, if I copy all of those curves to clipboard and past them in a fresh new file, then it works normally. If I knew exactly what it was looking for, I could put it back in the place it’s looking, but I don’t.
Thanks a bunch!

Hi Steve - my guess is the thing is looking for Auxpecker textures - did you have a search path set up previously to a network location for these? A new file does not do this, correct?


The path was originally on C:. I can see on the surfaces that were rendered with auxpecker that they are plain white with a message file not found and the path leading to the plugin folder. I’ve copied the auxpecker files to the folder and it now it renders properly, but some files still have big delays. New Rhino files created with the new system cause no such problems.

Well then its bit different issue if new files created dont cause similar problems…Bcoz the file path and algorithm is same as before for both…I guess your system contains some error.Check it once.Stay blessed.

Well now it’s doing it with a new file as well. Manipulating a surface makes Rhino unresponsive for just over 3 minutes. I am certainly not blessed. More like cursed!

I upgraded my computer to a new I5 with 16gb of ram and it worked better with my old Athlon x2. and 8gb. Of course I don’t rule out win 10 being a huge part of the problem.

Post a file you are having problems with.
And run SystemInfo and post the result here.