Rhino 5 OS X major crash, can no longer open rhino

at a loss. been working on a big project all weekend. lost a good few hours of work today in a crash, I have no clue what caused it. now whenever I open the app, I get tis message, and picking either option crashes rhino instantly. plus I may have lost work.

how can I clean the cache and re open rhino with my latest saved local copy?

I cant use Rhino at all and I dont know what to do. rebooting my computer wont fix the issue either.

After getting this error repeatedly, I backed up and deleted the Mcneel related folders and documents in the following subdirectories:

~/Library/Saved Application State

all had to be deleted before I could reopen Rhino again. Every new update of OS X has caused me nothing but grief this year.

never had this come up in the past 10 years, and seems to have been OS X related.