Rhino 5 - Mixed Windows & Mac Environment


I am planning a project to simplify a mixed Windows 10 & Mac Mojave office environment by switching off AFP so that only SMB is used to connect to our NAS.

In testing, there are 2 issues:

  1. A Windows PC and a Mac can open the same file without an error, and both users can be working on the project for some time before an autosave or manual save is made. Only at this point is a file lock seemingly made, because in testing it is only when the other OS user also tried to save, is an error message provided “This file is already in use…”

  2. Textures referenced from another server location do not work between OSes:

Any help on either issue is greatly appreciated!

It sounds like you’re using Rhino 5 for Windows and Mac? I think you might be the first mixed environment that has tried using Rhino to share files.

File locking across platforms is actually a bit tricky; I know we’ve had some bugs related to it for a while. I think we also made some improvements related to file locking in Rhino 6, but I could be mistaken - @dan do you recall?

I don’t think we ever tested texture references. Can you tell me more about the steps you’re taking assign textures and share them?


I recall a few, but I don’t know whether or not they are enabled at the moment (even in Rhino 6 for Mac; I don’t believe anything changed in Rhino 5 for Mac). I’m thinking of those made to support Worksessions across both platforms sometime in the future.

I don’t recall any changes that were made to file locking regarding textures.