Rhino 5 missing features, waiting for 7: suggestions?

Hello there!

I am stuck in a sore situation. longtime rhino user, I was laid off during the corn pandemic. used to have Rhine 6 & WIP at work, I’ve owned rhino 5 on my Mac and have used it near daily for a good 7 years. best CAD package in the world.

now post layoff, I am starting a business, and I use Rhino to create some of the lifework for graphics. problem is there are some important features of rhino 6/7 that I need , but after loads of experimenting at work with rhino 7 sub d I cannot justify jumping into rhino 6. the only value add for rhino 6 is that I can get my documents into affinity designer which is what rhino 5 is unable to do. rhino 5 is impossible to get to talk to affinity and its a dirty shame to have to pay tons of money to stupid adobe, or prematurely upgrade to rhino 6 which doesnt give me much personally.

anyone have any tips for getting rhino 5 curves into affinity, or any suggestions on how to get rhino 7wip without buying a rhino 6 license? can we somehow buy into rhino 7 early?


Have you tried the svg plugin by @laurent_delrieu ? It works with Rhino 5.

I have not, but I guess I can look into it, this may help a great deal!

Edit: I am on rhino OS X so no dice for that plugin it seems?

wow, yeah looks like affinity designers import options for the only compatible file types .ai and .eps are garbage implementations and cant see any content from rhino. got screwed up into supporting that software - looks like I have to find an alternative like back to adobe illustrator. just sucks adobe is the WORST.

I cannot wait til rhino 7 is live and I can leave the hell that is export compatibility.

Sorry - strictly Windows based here so that isn’t an issue for me!

no worries!

been bashing my head on a wall today on this one. its one of those things that you dont think will be an issue until its mega

A lot of plug-ins and grasshopper add ons should work on both Windows and Mac. Have you tried the one suggested?

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Yeah, so I just tried to install the package. I took the .rhi file from v4 of

I followed these instructions on how to install a macrhi plugin

opened the file, rhino OS X said it successfully installed and to restart rhino

now rhino crashes and wont open. im like 20 steps behind today is not my day.

check my answer here. It worked for me :slight_smile:

Exporting .svg via the Aviary plugin works for Rhino 5 with Grasshopper on a MacOS yes.

I haven’t sat down to install aviary, but this does seem to be the level of struggle I can cope with, EXCELLENT. will report back in a bit.

Historically, upgrades to the latest version of Rhino are less costly than a full licence. So buying R6 now and using R7WIP now shouldn’t be considered a waste of money. Someone will correct me if I’m wrong, but if you buy R6 now and R7 is released soon (unlikely) McNeel has been exceptionally good and allowed free upgrades to R7.

That is incorrect. McNeel has never offered free upgrades, no matter how close to the release date the older version was purchased. Resellers are free to make other kinds of deals close to release date such as pre-selling a new version and supplying the older one first as a interim solution, but the cost of that comes out of their own expenses.


Yeah i wouldnt buy from anyone but mcneel themselves, and i still have no reason to get 6. - i will be buying 7 upon its release for sub d and the few quality of life improvements i need, but i was able to get aviary plugin to work and as clunky as it is it does work!

Rhino is the one piece of software I cannot live without. Happy to support them just cannot justify rhino 6 at all cost wise- but ill be jumping asap with 7