Rhino 5 Layers Panels

When ever I open a new Rhino 5 the layers Panel still carries
and shows old layers from my previous work. This never happen
before 2019.

How do I clear these layers from the panel?

Hello - if you close and reopen the Layers panel, does it update? Does the status bar Layers pop-up show the correct layers?



This issues never happen before.

Also my object “Types” would show old textures from previous work.

Hello - I guess I’d start with a reboot of the system and see if the problem persists.


Thanks for the help Pascal.

Let me try your solution.

One quick question.
Is there a way I can upload an image of the panel here in the discussion panel ?

I wish to clear these names that keeps appearing from my previous

Hello - you can copy and paste an image directly into the message as you type. If the problem persists after a reboot, please start a new file, make a change in the layer names and then open another new file - does that look correct?


Thank you.

I shall try.

Hi @lima,

What service release of Rhino 5 do you have? A screen capture of Rhino’s About box might be helpful.

– Dale

I tried it now but not working.

Also I forgot to mention. These layers shows up only when I open Rhino through

Templates : Large Objects - Feet

I don’t have issues in the other templates.

Hello - I am confused - can you please tell me exactly every step needed to reproduce the problem from the time you open Rhino?


Hello Dale,

Here is the screen shot.

When ever I open my Rhino 5

New / Templates / Large Objects - Feet

The layers in my panels keep showing layers from my previous works
as shown in the the screen shot.

How do I clear these layers names?

Hello - it looks to me like the template file has been replaced, is all -

Large Objects - Feet.3dm (21.0 KB)

Here is the default one.

Thank you.

I downloaded your file and open, the layers name are cleared now.
But when I open my rhino in the usually way the problem still

Perhaps. I will have to reinstall it again.

Hello - please replace your template file with the one I posted.