Rhino 5 lags with amd video card

Hello, i have some problems on my new system.
rhino works great but lags heavily. also its not displaying surfaces and solid properly. my system specs are:
intel i7-3632qm 2.2 ghz
8gb ram
win8 64 bit
amd radeon hd 7730m

i know there are some issues with amd cards but is there anything i can do ?

Are you sure OpenGL is used? Chech in the Rhino settings.
And please add a screenshot to illustrate what kind of file you are having issues with.

You are using real world coordinates, so you are far from origin.
Try moving everything it to w0,0,0 just to see if that solves the issue.

That should not solve the lag though. Probably some bad objects or complicated blocks.

And do you have the same issues on other machines?

And please attach the original file if you can.