Rhino 5 - Introductory Learning

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Rhino Visual Tips V5 is a tutorial USB flash drive (8G) with more than 22 hours of video clips designed for either instructor-led or self-paced learning. Eighteen chapters with more than 270 videos will provide instructions on how to set up the interface, how to use the drawing, editing, modeling and transform tools including the new Gumball tools. You can also learn how to use the 2D and drafting commands, how to obtain vital information for model analysis and repairs as well as advanced features like history, UDT and print layouts. It also includes Savanna3D: a library with more than a thousand detailed 3-D models, in 3DM format, grouped by type or function. These collections bring together an extensive and complete library of Rhino blocks prepared for architectural and interior design purposes.

You can purchase Rhino Visual Tips v5 from any Rhino Authorized Reseller or at our online store or at Amazon

Posted Oct 24, 2013 by Andres Gonzalez on Rhino News, etc.