Rhino 5 interface suddenly looks blurry on 4K display [FIXED]

Hi all,

I’ve been running Rhino 5 on a 4K computer for over a year with no issues (aside from the tiny icons). Resolution is beautiful and line work looks perfect.

However, when I opened Rhino a week ago, the whole interace has become fuzzy. It’s still usable, but looks like I’m using it on a much lower resolution screen. At first I tried messing with OpenGL settings, anti-aliasing, etc., but the problem seems to be with the entire application, not the viewports. My system display scaling is set to the same as usual - 175%. Reset NVIDIA settings to default with no luck. This only appears to be happening with Rhino. Any thoughts?


Perhaps you have only just now upgraded Windows 10 to the Creators update?
Are you running SR14?

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Updated a while ago and thought I dealt with all those issues. I found the answer on the link you provided however - John’s suggestion to change compatibility settings worked for me. Thought I’d already tried that, but grateful for a fix. Thanks!!

I’m on Windows 10 Pro 1709, and cannot use this method to fix the blurry problem. There is no “compatibility” tab under properties. Can anybody provide a solution?

Are you running as a restricted rights user?
See if you can get your IT staff involved in the fix.

Did you right click on the app shortcut? just wondering why property type shows folder

Good point. I right clicked on the folder instead of the app. So then I tried the method on the app icon, but my settings already have “Override high DPI scaling behavior” unchecked.

But I found a solution. I actually had to check the “Override high DPI scaling behavior” to make the screen clear.

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