Rhino 5 files in Rhino 6

how can I use Rhino 5 files in Rhino 6? Somehow it shows me the files very small and somewhere lost on the screen. How can I bring my drawings back on the grid?
Thanks for your help!

Zoom All Extents?

@Helvetosaur thanks for your reply! Yes zoom all extents and I see my drawings in a suitable size but how can I move it on the background grid?

Select All, Move, and type 0 as co-ordinate

@milezee thanks so much for the feedback! How can I type in co-ordinates? all I can find is move to a point - see screenshot attached

With the keyboard?


That’s what I did and also just read the additional information you sent in the link. But by typing in 0,0 or 0 it doesn’t move the items back to the background grid and where x=0 and y=0 would be. It only moves the items slightly to the sight…see screenshot

Things you might want to check:

Is your file the correct scale/units?
Have you set a custom CPlane - so where you think you set the 0 is only a local CPlane 0 and not World 0?

Otherwise, please post the file.

SANSIBARbigbeachShopper.3dm (421.9 KB)

Hi Anna - from your first picture, it looks like all geometry is located close around the world 0,0,0.
Note that your Top viewport is in the Rendered display mode and, by default, that doesn’t show the grid. Is that what might be confusing here?

Hi @wim thanks for your reply! Now it works!