Rhino 5 crashes when opening file

I’m having difficulties with a specific rhino file that constantly causes a crash when opened by Rhino 5 or Rhino 5x64. Strange however, that the file shows up correct when used as block definition within a super object. Also, when I try to open the crash dump, Rhino again crashes.

Maybe someone can shed a light on this?
I’ve put the file on my webserver as it is too big to upload it here.

Thanks for your help!

The file doesn’t crash here when I open in Rhino 5 SR10. Did you send in a crash report when you crashed?

I would try launching Rhino in safe mode from the start menu>all programs>Rhinoceros folder. This will launch without plugins or advanced hardware acceleration for the display. The perspective view in the file was in rendered mode with shadows enabled which might be the cause depending on your GPU and driver. If the file opens in safe mode, change the display mode to shaded or wireframe in perspective and save a new version of the file. Launch Rhino 5 normally and open the new file to test.

Thanks for your swift reply Brian. Yes, I sent in the automated crash report several times.
I’ve followed your suggestion and could successfully open the file in safe mode. Saving it back with wired viewports and reopening it in standard mode however again leads to a crash. I’ve again sent in the crash report.

I then opened the file again in safe mode, and used ‘save as’ to create a new file. Again, this new file crashes when opened in standard mode. My impression was, that the crash occures when Rhino tries to display the background picture in viewport ‘back’, so I opened the file in safe mode and turned the back ground picture off. This cures the problem, the file then opens in standard mode without crashing. When I however turn the background picture on, Rhino crashes again.

best greetings and thanks

See if turning off accelerated hardware in Options>View>OpenGL helps before you open the file. If the crash no longer occurs, please post a screenshot of your OpenGL page here.

I’ve turned off hardware acceleration, this actually avoids the crash when turning the background picture on, many thanks.

here the OpenGL settings (my hardware is an ATI FirePro V8800 with 2GB RAM)

best greetings and wishes for New Year :smile:

I bet the driver for the card is old but with accelerated hardware off I can’t tell. Here’s a support page that can help lead you to a driver update if that’s the case.

Thanks Brian. I recently updated the drivers but maybe there is a new one available.
Happy New Year :wink:

Like Brian this file opened no problem on this end.

All my best … Danny

Hi Brian and Danny,

thanks for your replies. I’ve updated the driver (funny enough it was released exactly on the day I did my last update so I must have missed it by hours) and now no crash appears when I turn on hardware acceleration again. However, the background picture does not display correct (as in opposite when hardware acceleration is turned off):

Does the picture display correct on your sites?

Picture looks OK here… The background bitmap is pretty big though… You might try resizing it according to this wiki page

Here it is at 4096 x 3072.


Thanks Mitch for your reply and the very interesting link. 4096x3072 should be well within the limits given at the wiki (the AMD has 2GB RAM). Also, it used to work fine before - the file was created in September 2014 and did not cause a problem until yesterday. So something in between must have happened.

best greetings and thanks

Looks fine here.

All my best … Daniel

Thanks Daniel for testing. I will turn off the hardware acceleration when I need to work with background pictures. Seems there is no other option on my site.

best greetings