Rhino 5 crashes and doesn't launch again - HELP

My Rhino crashes regularly when using Grasshopper (though I must add that I hardly ever use it without grasshopper) and doesn’t launch again. For a few times it helped to restart the system but by now the whole thing crashes after few minutes. At one occasion there was a message by NVIDIA that the program has to be closed.
Do you have an idea what I can do?

Lenovo Y50
i7 4720 HQ
NVIDIA GeForce 960M

Hi Julian - a couple of things come to mind first -

  1. Make sure your video drivers, Windows and Rhino are all up to date.
  2. Run Rhino without GH open at all and see if it runs normally.


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Thanks a lot! I’m running a drive update right now - let’s see!

That really seems to have done the trick - thanks a lot for your help!

Good deal! - you are welcome.