Rhino 5 - crashes after input in command line

Version 5 SR7 64-bit
(5.7.31213.18395, 12/13/2013)
Educational Lab License

RH5 crashes after making an input (new command) in the command line. It always happens exactly as soon as I press space bar to initiate the command, however it does not seem to happen for a specific command. it seems to be quite random as I’ve observed this for about a month. I uploaded my crashdump from the most recent occurrence today.

system info:
OS: W7 pro sp1
CPU: 2X Xeon E5-2620
Dell T7600
GPU: NVIDIA Quadro K2000 - 2GB

Most of the non-UI options in RH5 is default with the exception of openGL in which I have “accelerated hardware” UNCHECKED.

I would appreciate if you get back to me with a solution; I have to save my file every 5-10 minutes in case of a crash and that is interfering with my workflow.
thanks and regards,

RhinoCrashDump.3dm (167.1 KB)

Hi Foad,

Can you zip and email me the .DMP file that was left on your desktop?



– Dale

Hi Dale,
there was no .DMP file…I only have the CrashDump.3dm and the BackupModel file,
I can look for the DMP file next time it happens as I’m sure it’ll happen again soon.
It should automatically dump on my desktop right?


Hi Foad-

Why? Is there any problem with accelerated hardware modes? Also, try setting video your card like so: nVidia control panel > Global settings page is set to use Workstation App- Dynamic Streaming


thanks Pascal,
I had the accelerated hardware mode off because I read about a few weeks ago on this forum that the problem is with the new nVidia driver;

I turned on the accelerated mode,
and in nVidia setting i switched to Workstation App - Dynamic Streaming…is the issue with the threaded op?

I’ll see if the crashes persist and post back.
thank you.

Yes it will be on your desktop. But if you don’t send in the crash dump - by filling out the form that appears when you crash - then the file will be removed.

Its important that you submit your crashes. Otherwise we cannot fix them.

Thanx Dale,
I will do that next time it happens if the crashing persists; so far today Pascal’s recommendation has worked.
Thanks again,