Rhino 5 comparability with Rhino 4


I am using Rhino 5 at home and bringing files to work and loading on Rhino 4. The files loaded fine on my existing computer but I just received a new computer and there is a problem loading the files even though I have saved them as V4. Is there an issue with certain entity types going from V5 to V4? What is the fix?

(John Brock) #2

None that we know of. Can you please supply example V4 and V5 files that illustrate the problem?



Thank you for your response. I would like nothing more than to send you example files but I am afraid that I cannot. My employer considers the data proprietary. It is a very perplexing situation where the data read into my work computer previously on a less capable laptop. Because of performance as the size of the file grew they provided me with a more capable computer also with Rhino 4 (it is current). When I try to open the files I get a dialogue box which says to effect that there are unsupported entities, do I want to continue loading without them. I answer yes then get another dialogue box. This one says that the history file is corrupt (this may not be exactly the message as I am going on memory) do I want to continue? I answer yes and a third box appears with another different message. I answer yes to this and after a while the geometry will appear with parts of some groups missing.

The problem may go away as they are purchasing V5 for my use at work.

I am designing advanced cooling schemes for turbine airfoils and have the same issue with your software as I have with all CAD. I would like to have a ‘close enough’ switch, as I am designing I don’t need the entities to be mathematically precise. I spend more time figuring work around plans when the software does not perform the function that I desire.

I have a wish. In a future release can you build in a chaining function to look for discontinuities and flag them for repair. Perhaps the software already has this function and I am not aware of it. By the way Gumball by itself makes V5 worth it.

Thanks again for your attention.

(Pascal Golay) #4

This sounds like corrupted files. Are the files on a network or a flash drive by any chance? You can post non-public files to us via tech@mcneel.com - if that is possible, we can get a better idea what is going on.