Rhino 5 causes 3DS Max to crash if both are open at same time

I have a new Mac Pro running Boot Camp with Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit that has two AMD Firepro d500 video cards. If I have 3DS Max 2015 open at the same time as Rhino 5, 3DS Max will eventually crash with a black screen and Windows will display a message that the display driver has stopped responding and has recovered. If Rhino 5 isn’t open then I can render all day long with no problems at all.

Is there any setting or option that I might be able to change in Rhino so that I can have it open at the same time as 3DS Max? I’m also trying to work with Autodesk but wanted to check in here as well.

I’d bet this is due to the GPU or it’s driver. Two things I would try are to change the AMD driver saving a restore point for the OS or the installer for the current driver in case you make things worse. The latest available driver may also not be as good as a previous one… there have been reports that older drivers from AMD actually work better for some users, see

The second thing I’d suggest is to run the command ClearAllMeshes in Rhino which will remove the render mesh and put you in Wireframe. This should reduce what the GPU needs to do in Rhino and may give you extra bandwidth elsewhere.