Rhino 5 and 6 shares config files?

I bought rhino 6 but have to make the transition from 5.
So I “try” to use both version 5 and 6 to be sure that the move won’t mess with my actual projects.
I have a lot of python scripts which seems to needs readjustments since api changed a bit and some parts are not completely working (ex. DimStyleTextAlignment) (something I though to be quite resolved in an “official release”).

But It seems to share few startup data (files or registry) since
one version screws the windows/toolbars setup of the other one.

Any workaround ?


Hello - as far as I know this should not be the case unless, possibly, you are using the same RUI (toolbar) file in each? Can you be more specific about what goes wrong?


I don’t know about the rui. Is it linked when it is imported ? Like it is updated as I modify the UI ?

Here some pictures. The first setup is the one I try to keep in place. The 2nd one is the result of opening the alternate version of Rhino (5 to 6 or 6 to 5). Once the previous is closed and presumably saved windows/toolbars setup.


Solved !

I think that I misunderstood the way rui files work. They are linked and updated by Rhino as soon as we close the application. It’s been a while that something was unclear for me about ui layout handling.
I linked 2 different files and It seems that both sides behave as expected now.

Thanks for the hint. That was really irritating.


NB: I’ll start another thread for python api inconstancies.