Rhino 5.5 Performance Issues on Catalina 10.15


I am using Rhino for Mac, version 5.5.5.

It was working great on an Imac, but it started having problems after the last update (Catalina, 10.15.5). After switching to a newer MacBook Pro with Catalina 10.15.5 as well the problems remain. The performance of the the software is really low, with lots of lags, especially printing or exporting pdfs needs maybe some minutes for changing each setting (format, size, orientation) and as well the Print as PDF option is completely not working, which I saw online is an actual issue for other Rhino users as well (Pdf from new Mac Rhino in Beta Catalina). Could you explain to me please why this is happening and how this can be fixed? It is causing a lot of trouble to not be able to use efficiently my main design tool.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Thanks for posting this Kostis…I have same issues with Rhino 6 and with the new WIP. There is a serious lag with WIP. Still can’t produce a pdf without opening it in preview and then saving it as.

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I’m not aware of any general problem.
Maybe a PLIST reset would help.